Future Events

Cisco Training - What's going on? 

Date Events
07/27/2020 CCNA v1.0 - Intensive - Guaranteed Date
09/07/2020 Cisco IPV6
09/09/2020 Live Open Day - WebEx
09/12/2020 Live Open Day - WebEx
09/14/2020 CCNA v1.0 - Intenisve
09/14/2020 CCNP ENCOR - CCNP Scholarship Program
09/14/2020 Live Open Day - WebEx
09/16/2020 CCNA v7.0 Evening - Milan
09/19/2020 CCNA v7.0 Saturday - Brescia
09/21/2020 CCNA v7.0 Evening - Bergamo
09/26/2020 CCNA v7.0 Saturday - Milan
09/27/2020 Live Open Day - WebEx
10/05/2020 CCNP ENARSI
10/25/2020 CCNA v7.0 Sunday - Bergamo

Open Days - Visit our Labs! Get to know us better!


We will introduce our educational targets, our training method, the professional profile created and the related job opportunities. We will describe our program, the matherial about Networking Academy Program, our real labs equipped with Cisco devices. We will talk about Cisco certification path (CCNA certification is a common requisite) and the services offered to our students after course completion (CV drawing-up, Career Connection, retooling classes, discounts about future classes and consult aboput Csco certifications)

One of our instructors will be available to answer techical questions about the CCNA class (all our instructors are network professionals, CCNP or CCIE certified and qualified to teach CCNA classes according to Cisco Networking Academy Program).

Joining our Open Days is free, you are welcome!
(because of the limited number of participants, you are supposed to book at info@europanetworking.net)