CCNP Enterprise - ENWLSI

Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) v1.1

CCNP Enterprise - ENWLSI
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Course Description

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) v1.1 course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to create a secure wireless network infrastructure and troubleshoot any related issues. You’ll learn how to implement and fortify a wireless network infrastructure using Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE), Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI), and Cisco Connect Mobile Experience to monitor and troubleshoot network issues.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Implement network settings to provide a secure wireless network infrastructure
  • Implement a secure wireless client and troubleshoot wireless client connectivity issues
  • Implement and troubleshoot QoS in wireless networks
  • Implement and troubleshoot advanced capabilities in wireless network services

Program of Study

  • Securing and Troubleshooting the Wireless Network Infrastructure
  • Implementing and Troubleshooting Secure Client Connectivity
  • Implementing and Troubleshooting Quality of Service (QoS) in Wireless Networks
  • Implementing and Troubleshooting Advanced Wireless Network Services

Duration and Structure

Full Intensive  "Live Instructor Led"  with dedicated Lab Cisco .


Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) v1.1 - - € 3.500,00 + IVA  Customized Calendar

Course Conditions and Fees


  • General knowledge of networks and wireless networks
  • Routing and switching knowledge

Our prices are in Euros and don’t include VAT/tax.

Fees include:  Live instructors Led lessons, course material ( Cisco official CLP Kits) and CLP Certificate of course completion. 

Transport, accommodation, meals and other supplementary expenses are not included in the training fees.

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