CCNP Routing&Switching


CCNP Routing&Switching
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Course Description

CCNP RS is an advanced specialization training path providing necessary skills to install, configure and troubleshoot LAN and WAN networks. CCNP technicians can maintain complex corporate networks running protocols such as EIGRP, OSPF, ODR, BGP, OER, PFR, IP SLA, DTP, VTP, STP, FHRP etc. In addition, they can handle ISP's dial access and they have a good knowledge of the following topics: Etherchannel, Frame Relay, CEF, MPLS, ATM, xDLS, GRE, IPsec, DMVPN, VRF-Lite, Private-VLAN, Multicast, IPv6, SNMP

Main target of the course is to train our students to implement scalable, redundant and secure networks according to enterprise requirements. The curriculum is intended for those interested in continuing their post-CCNA preparation to become network administrators, Level 2 support engineers, Level 2 systems engineers, network technicians or deployment engineers.

Our CCNP RS courses are  three: SWITCH, ROUTE, TSHOOT , the courses match the skills required by the three Cisco industry  exams (ROUTE 300-101 + SWITCH 300-115 + TSHOOT 300-135).

Prerequisite: It is stongly recommended to complete a CCNA course at any Cisco Networking Academy before enrolling in a CCNP class.

Program of Study

Lessons of Europa Networking's CCNP courses comprise both theory and practical aspects and include:

  • Live instructors’ presentations at our facilities or based on BDL (Blended Distance Learning),
  • Exercises and e-learning at networking academy web site
  • Hands-on experience: exercises, case studies and troubleshooting on our lab equipments.


Cisco Express Forwarding Concepts; Implementing IPv4 and IPv6 Routing; Implementing DHCPv4 and DHCPv6; Implementing an EIGRP-Based Solution; Implementing an OSPF-Based Solution; Manipulating Routing Updates; Implementing Path Control; Implementing a BGP Solution for ISP Connectivity; Implementing a VRF Lite solution; Implementing GRE Tunnel and DMVPN solution; Implementing infastructure security based on AAA; Implementing Routing Facilities for Branch Offices and Mobile Workers; Implementing IP SLA, NetFlow, NTP, SNMP; Implementing NAT64 and NAT-PT

SWITCH – Implementing IP Switching

Analyzing the Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture; Implementing SDM templates; Implementing Etherchannel; Implementing VLANs in Campus Networks; Implementing VTP; Implementing Spanning Tree and STP Toolkit; Describing virtualization and Stackwise; Implementing Inter-VLAN Routing; Implementing High Availability and Redundancy in a Campus Network with HSRP, VRRP, GLBP; Securing the Campus Infrastructure with DHCP-Snooping, IP Source Guard, DAI, Private VLANs, Storm Control, Portsecurity; Preparing the Campus Infrastructure for Advanced Services.

TSHOOT – Maintaining and Troubleshooting IP Networks

Planning Maintenance for Complex Networks; Troubleshooting Processes for Complex Enterprise Networks; Using Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools and Applications; Maintaining and Troubleshooting Campus Switch Solutions; Maintaining and Troubleshooting Routing Solutions; Troubleshooting Addressing Services; Troubleshooting Network Performance Issues; Troubleshooting Converged Networks; Maintaining and Troubleshooting Network Security Implementations; Review and Preparation for Troubleshooting Complex Enterprise Networks.

Certification details

At the end of every single course you obtain the Cisco Networking Academy Certificate CCNP .

Furthermore the CCNP curriculum prepares you for the Cisco CCNP® industry exam. CCNP is the industry standard, Advanced certification for Network Engineers.

Europa Networking is an authorized Pearson Vue Test Center.

Real Labs : No more simulators!! Here you learn with Real Labs!

You have direct access to proper lab equipment during the Classroom training and remote access. We have more than 400 real devices: Routers, Switches, APs, Firewalls, WLC, Servers, IP-Phones etc. Each device and IOS support every technology from the specific course. Remote Labs: You can access our labs from your home, office or everywhere!

Besides the hands-on activities during the classes, you can access the labs remotely from your home or office for having more hours of practice in Cisco equipment. Each week new Remote Lab sessions .

Academy Certificates & Industry Standard Certification At the end of every single course you obtain the Cisco Networking Academy Certificate CCNP .

Furthermore the CCNP curriculum prepares you for the Cisco CCNP® industry exam. CCNP is the industry standard, Advanced certification for Network Engineers.

Europa Networking is an authorized Pearson Vue Test Center.


Calendars Courses Milano

Switch      Saturday - BDL Remote Customized Dates
Route     Saturday - BDL Remote Customized Dates
Tshoot     Saturday - BDL Remote Customized Dates

Breaks: from 1st to 3rd November 2019; from 21st December 2019 to 6th January 2020.

Course Conditions and Fees

Admission requirements: Students interested in this course should have completed CCNA 1-4, or the equivalents.
CCNA certification is also desirable; however, it is not a prerequisite.
The admissions will be confirmed by email.

La quota di partecipazione ai corsi  relativa a: lezioni in presenza (teoria e pratica), remote labs, materiale didattico cartaceo , esami intermedi e finali (teorici e pratici) e al certificato Cisco Networking Academy Program.

Courde Fee (discouted for one installment) In three installments
Route 300-101 €2400,00 + Iva 3 x €930,00 + Iva
Switch 300-115 €2400,00 + Iva 3 x €930,00 + Iva
Tshoot 300-135 €2400,00 + Iva 3 x €930,00 + Iva

* Our prices are in Euros and don’t include VAT/tax.
Our fees include in presence lessons (live presentations, exercises and troubleshooting in our real equipments lab); Access to the curriculum on line and on line exams for the self study and Certificate of course completion. Transport, accommodation, meals and other supplementary expenses are not included in the training fees.


A training package for getting you directly to the Cisco Network Professional Skills. Courses Route + Switch + Tshoot+ bootcamp one to one. Special fees and payment plans.(even better conditions for our returning CCNA students ! )
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09/28/2019: CCNP Switch 
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BDL Remote course: Saturday 09:00 - 18:00

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