Miriam - CCNA


My name is Miriam and I live in Varese. I have bachelor degree in accounting and programming (1999), and a post-graduation degree. My previous experiences were as a partner in a company in Saronno (VA) and in a company specialized in Internet services in Milan.

The first time I worked in the IT industry was soon after I graduated, in 2002, in the helpdesk and computer systems of a University in Lombardy. Then after nearly four years I switched to the telecommunications area.

I reached a point in which I needed to fill some knowledge gaps related to networking, so I looked for a course that provided theoretical and hands-on training in subjects that I had already read and studied about but could not fully understand…

After searching a lot I found the website of Europe Networking and I enrolled in the CCNA course. Working and attending classes was challenging. But taking classes was very important, especially when I had extra time to study. The intermediate tests were also helpful.

A special thanks to my instructors Flavio and Rocco for the accuracy and dedication with which they gave our training. Thanks also to Valeria and Laura for their assistance.

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