Simona - CCNA


It is a pleasure to listen to Simona speaking about her work as a networking technician! The passion she transmits is fascinating...

And no wonder ... In fact we can say Simona has always been keen of computers, since she was a child, to the point of being a cause of concern to her parents who considered electronic computers somewhat as toys (“It’s time to stop playing with computers”, they said).

And so when she had to choose a high school, Simona made a strategic choice: Industrial Chemistry, which pleased her parents and her too, because she could study her favourite subject: Electrical, Electronics and Information Systems in particular.

Then many things happened, like many young women, Simona had many responsibilities in her family and also had to deal with work and study.

However, when Simona found the Medical Informatics course at the Bosisio Parini Institute, she enrolled at once. It was an important opportunity to finally deal directly with IT. And then (not just by pure chance!), Simona discovered networking. She had noted Cisco courses’ names in an IT book she loved. Simona wanted to know more, and once in Bergamo she happened to find a Europa Networking’s brochure. At that point, the step she had to take was short and decisive. "I knew my future life would depend on the choices I made at that time. My wishes never came first but now it was time to do something for me". And so she enrolled on and completed the Europa Networking’s CCNA course. "Networking was something new to me; at the beginning I was so much intimidated by the laboratory equipment that Rocco once joked that he would tie me to a switch until I got confident!.” She actually became confident and it happened quickly. Thanks to Europa Networking’s Career Connection, Simona took her first job in networking at an Internet Service Provider, where she was responsible for controlling failures. A little time after, another opportunity: also in failure management, but this time in banks: "This job allows me to deal with LAN too and, above all, allows me to manage switches". Simona loves also to perform technical skills involving organizational and relationship tasks: "We must know how to interact with people as well as machines. When I need to speak with colleagues or non-technical users, I try to express myself in a way they can understand, using even some creativity so that the switch becomes "the one looking like a recorder”, the USB cable is “that black wire that goes from a certain point to the other"... Although she is now a professional, Simona remembers well when she was taking the first steps in this area.

"When you understand a problem, you are a halfway towards the solution."
"Learning requires only two things: the right motivation and an identified starting point, even if it is small."
"Do not change your dreams, change your strategy!"
“These are the sentences that will change your life”


It was late and Simona had to go: "I'm going to study for CCNP ...!"

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