Alessia - CCNA


My name is Alessia, I am 25 years old and I live in a small village near Bari.
I’ve graduated in Computer Science in an area very different from networking. However, a couple of exams have awakened in me a keen interest in telecommunications and network security. Just after graduation, however, and after spending six months in London (to learn English, but also to explore the possibility of taking a PhD, unfortunately not materialized), I decided to launch into the world of networking !
I started taking information on the Internet: I’ve heard about Cisco but I did not know hardly anything about certification. In my area I didn’t find any academy suitable for me (there were courses lacking labs, 3-4-day mini courses, and funded courses lasting for years!). And in the hope I could work better in Northern Italy, I enrolled in Bergamo.
It was a lucky choice: I have not found a job yet, but at that time I travelled every weekend to attend the courses, and I had the opportunity to learn a lot attending a course in practical networking.
I received considerable support by Europa Networking because I was far; it included video conferencing and remote access to the academy laboratories. I could take the intermediate tests separately from the rest of the class and count on a qualified and attentive team. "A week after the end of the ccna course, I was contacted by Nest 2 - a company in Milan- and I got a job int the networking!"

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